Visitor Policy 

Visitor Policy​

 Families who have a puppy reserved are welcome to come to pick up their puppy in person and meet the parents if on site.  Please understand that in order to give our parents the best possible life and a forever home from the start,  while improving on our breeding program, many live in guardian homes and will not always be available to meet.   We will try to arrange for them to be here when possible.  And we often have grandparents and even great grandparents to our puppies here to meet.  
For the safety of our family as well as the safety and health of our puppies/dogs, we do not allow "puppy shoppers" to come to our home.    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but inviting strangers into our home, with no vested interest in our puppies, not only poses a risk to the humans that live here, but also to the young puppies that may not yet have had their vaccines.   

I am taking precautions as best I can to keep your puppy safe and healthy!  My Vets, Dr. "Jack" Laurie Jackowiak and Dr. Joann Greenfield do a health exam on each one of my puppies prior to them going to their new homes, often coming to my home to do so.  They take great care of my puppies and dogs!
For more information about my Vets and  the wonderful staff at Alpena Veterinary Clinic click on the link below!!

Alpena Veterinary Clinic 

Below is a link to some information on Parvo so that you can better understand it.   Parvo is easily spread and the results can be deadly.  There is also a ton of information about it on the internet if you google it!